Let's find a home for you and your family.

We work differently than any other real estate firm. We have developed a system, unique to Socius, for finding the best house for your needs, at the best price, and in a timeframe that suits you!

We want to service all of your real estate needs for the rest of your life!

This includes the important decision of whether or not to buy. Our system will help you get to a place where you can make the best decision for yourself, even if that means that now is not the best time for you to buy. And if now is the best time? Rest assured that we will take care of you. Before we begin showing houses we will meet with you for about an hour to introduce you to our system and to review and answer any questions you may have about the home buying process in general. This meeting is invaluable as it gives us common ground and saves precious time in the long run. At Socius, we’re not selling you a product; we’re offering you a life-time service, and our service doesn’t end with the transaction. Developing long-term relationships means serving your needs before, during, and after every sale. As a homeowner, you remain our valued client and gain the benefit of our unique homeowner services — for life.

Step 1: Contact a Socius Realtor

Socius realtors are committed to understanding your needs and working diligently on your behalf throughout the entire home buying process. We believe strongly in educating our clients as we progress through the transaction. First, we teach our clients how to recognize a good investment (and a bad one) through a process that is exclusive to Socius. Next, we assist in contract negotiations with the goal of getting you the best possible house at the best possible price. Socius agents then assist in managing and coordinating the 50-some-odd players that are involved in processing each transaction. We have developed close working relationships with the best lenders, inspectors, and title companies to ensure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible, minimizing risks and headaches. We make an effort to attend all of our closings to ensure your comfort and understanding when signing on the dotted line. Once you own a home and questions arise, from taxes to re-financing, gutters to grass, we’re available with an answer.

Step 2: The Orientation Meeting

When you meet with a Socius agent for the first time, we talk with you to help you identify your needs and requirements for a new home. We familiarize you with the transaction process and connect you with a lender to determine your price range. You will also be introduced to our support staff, the oil in our machine, whose presence allows us to give you the highest quality customer service available in real estate today. 

Step 3: The Home Search

Once you have met with a lender, the home search begins. Via the newest technology available through the Dallas Board of Realtors, we create a personalized search that emails you a link to your “Client Gateway” each day that a new listing that meets your criteria comes onto the market. By accessing your “Client Gateway,” you are able to view details of these listings, and categorize and prioritize the listings so that your showing times with your Socius realtor will be spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. As we tour the various homes of interest on your list, we take you through the “Funnel Process” — a process designed by Owner/Broker Charles Escutia that is used exclusively by Socius agents to teach their clients how to differentiate a good investment from a poor one. As a result of this process, you will find comfort in knowing that the house you choose is the BEST possible house for YOU. 

Step 4: The Offer

Once you have found “THE” home, we will communicate with the selling party by means of a written offer. We will help you make a competitive offer at a fair price with terms you that you are comfortable with. We will assist you with and explain the requirements of the contract including earnest money deposits, the option period, and counter offers. As an extension of the Socius agents, you have the benefit of our support staff assisting with the paperwork so that we can present the offer in the timeliest manner possible. 

Step 5: Contract to Close: The Processing Period (a.k.a. Pre-Closing)

When the offer is accepted by both the buyer and seller, it becomes a legal contract. Much work must be done to process the transaction, which generally spans about three to four weeks. The loan must be approved, originated, processed, and underwritten. The title has to be researched and a survey is drawn. Inspections, repairs and appraisals must be completed. Further, Hazard Insurance, the Home Warranty, and possibly Mortgage Insurance are all arranged. Again, Socius has searched for and developed close working relationships with the best lenders, inspectors, and title companies in the Dallas area to whom we will happily refer you. During this step, Socius’s Contract-to-Closing Coordinator manages the transaction, facilitating open lines of exchange and communication between you, the seller, and the other various players. The role of Socius’s support staff in this step is incredibly valuable in making sure that no detail is overlooked on the way to closing. Your role will be to provide any necessary information to the requesting parties in a timely manner. 

Step 6: The Closing

Finally, the processing is completed and the time for closing arrives. Generally we will do a “Final Walkthrough” inspection of the house before closing to ensure that all repairs have been made as negotiated. The Closing takes place at the Title Company. In conjunction with one of the title company’s Escrow Officers, we will review the Settlement Statement (HUD 1), which lists all of the buyer’s and seller’s expenses. 

As the buyer, you will receive a warranty deed signed by the seller. Mortgage and other related documents are signed and an Escrow account is established for future payment of your property taxes and hazard insurance. Once the closing process is complete, you will receive the keys, the title company will record the legal documents, and the home is yours!